7 Awesome jQuery Print Page Plugins

Are you looking to create a print friendly website with custom implementation instead of default browser behaviour? Do you want to allow your users to print specific parts of the web page, instead of being forced to print the complete page? Do you wish to add custom headers and footers and implement different CSS styles for the print version of the page? If so, then you have just struck gold with this article!

Here you’ll find a list of 10 awesome jQuery print page plugins which allow you to customize the default print behaviour of the browser and offer various great customizations like printing page sections only, showing print previews before printing content, adding a custom header and footer and using external style sheets for document printing. Enjoy!

1. printThis


printThis is a lightweight jQuery plugin which allows users to print either specific elements or the complete page. Using this plugin, one can:

  • Print multiple elements
  • Preserve the page’s CSS/styling while printing
  • Have the option to add your own CSS specifically for printing
  • Define a header and footer text which will be appended on the print page
  • Play with various options before printing the page. For example, removing inline styles.


2. jQuery printThis


jQuery printThis is a simple jQuery plugin which allows you to print any web page. It also allows you to include or exclude sections of the document while printing. To specify which sections you’d like to include or exclude, you can specify id, class or even the html element tag. It also supports printing your webpage with a specified stylesheet. Simply provide the name of the stylesheet file and the plugin will use styles from that file when creating the print document.


3. PrintPage


Printpage is a jQuery plugin which allows you to print the web page without leaving the website. This plugin was created to overcome the issues with the traditional method of printing, which reuires the use of the print stylesheet. The print stylesheet is a way to disable everything that is not relevant content. But working in this program gets messy and disabling various parts of the website can be tedious. PrintPage overcomes these issues by creating an iFrame and printing it directly instead of opening a popup.


4. Print Preview


The jQuery Print Preview plugin is designed to provide visitors with a preview of the print version of a website. Unlike traditional print previews this plugin brings in all content and print styles within a modal window. From the modal window, there is an option to print the page and close the modal window. This plugin works in all the modern browsers.


5. offReg


Offreg is a jQuery plugin that uses canvas to create a ‘screen print’ offset effect on an image, by altering the pixel data. It can convert your images into RGB prints, works also very well with B&W photos and even on transparent photos. This plugin also offers various options to set transparency, rotation and offset parameters.


6. Print Element


Print element is a very simple and lightweight jQuery plugin for printing content off any web page. It also allows you to either print from a popup window or from iFrame. This plugin allows you to set the page title, override the default CSS and set iFrame mode options for styling and positions.


7. PrintArea


PrintArea is a jQuery Plugin that allows your visitors to print a specific section of the page. This plugin allows you to specify the mode of the print. Currently it supports iFrame and popup mode. The iFrame-mode is unobtrusive while popup mode opens a separate browser window. Popup mode allows for the option of leaving the window open or automatically closing after printing.

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